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Plant construction

Plant engineering is one of the areas of our company history with the longest tradition. Through international customers, innovative products and qualified personnel we have been able to continuously expand and improve this area, which has resulted in the creation of two separate departments:


1. Environmental engineering

In cooperation with CTP Air pollution control GmbH, another company in the NCA group, we manufacture air cleaning equipment for big industry around the globe. Both thermal regenerative and catalytic regenerative post-combustion systems are produced. We design, manufacture and assemble these autothermic systems ourselves as an overall concept.

Such plants contain:

  • Structural steel with stages and platforms
  • support structures
  • apparatus and reactor construction
  • internal and external insulation
  • lifting, turning and bypass valves
  • internally and externally insulated bypass line
  • pipes for burners, washers and locked air
  • chimney

The performance of these autothermic plants ranges from 500 Nm³/h up to 150,000 Nm³/h.

Valve manufacture

lifting, turning and bypass valves can be made with a diameter of DN 100 to DN 2000. Dependent on the temperature range 100°C – 1000°C, materials ranging from standard black material to highly heat-resistant special steel are used. These valves can be fitted with electrical or pneumatic drives.



2. Energy engineering

Experience is our advantage. As a supplier for corporations and customers with international operations in the energy sector, we produce transformer tank systems of many different sizes and types. The high quality requirements as well as the complex fabrication systems demand well-organised procedures and specially trained personnel.

Such plants contain:

  • Trafotanks
  • Expansion vessel
  • Radiator construction
  • Dome
  • Tube (DN80 - DN200)
  • Clap
  • Platforms and railing

The performance of these plants ranges from max. 130 tons respectively 600kV- equipment.